Israel’s HD Mapping datasets for R&D in Smart Mobility and the Autonomous Vehicle industry


In the last few years, Israel has become a hub for innovation in smart mobility. The Israeli capabilities and the global trends in the mobility sector have led to the creation of more than 500 Israeli companies, resulting in accumulated investments of approx. 5 billion dollars and a community of about 7,000 entrepreneurs, researchers and investors. Since 2011 the Israeli government, spearheaded by the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative in the Prime Minister’s Office, has taken an active role in supporting the local ecosystem to make Israel a center of knowledge and know how in the fields of smart mobility and fuel alternatives.

As part of its efforts, the Israeli government created a national plan for smart mobility (Government Resolution 2316 from January 2017). One of the most innovative and promising tools was the creation of an open-access data infrastructure that will support research and development activities in autonomous car technologies and smart transportation. This pioneering set of data includes an HD map of 5 road segments in Israel. Each road segment is a loop of about 30 kilometers of mixed highway and urban roads, with centimeter-level accuracy and rich descriptive information. The project is being done by the Survey of Israel and The Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative; we hope it will be useful for you in making the smart mobility revolution a reality, and in doing so – making mobility safer, faster and cleaner for us all.

We at the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative, together with our governmental partners, continue to work towards the success of the Israeli smart mobility ecosystem. Promoting enabling and supportive policies and regulation, with a comprehensive – hands-on and dynamic governmental approach.

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