The annual Fuel Choices Summit is held over two days toward the end of every year.
The Summit hosts startups, enterprises, financiers, policy makers, business leaders, and innovators from
around the world for a guided global dialogue about smart mobility and alternative fuels.

Take a glimpse from 2016 event !

Thank you for joining us and working to bring the future of Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility HERE NOW.

Greetings from The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

The Winners of The Samson Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation 2016

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis from Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratories, USA and Professor Gregory Stephanopoulos from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, who share the Prize equally.

These two distinguished scientists have been awarded the prestigious Prize for their innovative scientific and technological contributions that have the potential to lead to the development of alternative fuels for transportation, replacing the fast depleting fossil fuels which are the major fuels used nowadays in transportation. This is the fourth time this prize has been awarded by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space and Keren Hayesod.

2016 Summit's Contents

For the Summit's Videos, Photos & Presentations please follow the links bellow :

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