Pilots in the fields of Smart Mobility


The purpose of the program is Developing and implementing innovative technologies and operating concepts in the field of transportation, which will advance the transportation situation in Israel.

The program is a joint program of the Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Transportation and the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, Israel Prime Minister’s Office. This program is published two to three times a year.

The winning companies of this round:


Saver1 system prevents the use of illegal applications by the driver while driving (texting, browsing etc.), thus eliminating the Texting while Driving epidemic. Its innovative patent pending solution provides a comprehensive response to a need that to this day remains without an effective solution, using a solution aimed at the car and not the driver. This assures that any driver in a car equipped with the system, will be able to use only applications that are permitted by the local regulator, thus preventing up to 20% of the car accidents.


HopOn’s mobile ticketing platform streamlines payment and validation processes for public and shared transportation. HopOn’s patented, hardware-free solution enables multiple simultaneous validations, shortening boarding time in any scenario, from CICO/CIBO to full BIBO. The platform also enables a smooth transition to account-based post-payment. While passengers enjoy seamless mobility, the HopOn solution enables operators and municipalities to collect valuable real-time data on passenger behavior, optimize their service and deliver targeted content to passengers. HopOn’s solutions have been implemented in major European cities and integrated with leading banks.


A platform for managing traffic routing and control, the ability to view and control every intersection with a single camera made up of several lenses and the ability to extract images and information using image recognition algorithms. Full ability to enforce full traffic violations,  To allow safe and free passage to any emergency vehicle in real-time mode. Full ability to record all license numbers from four directions of traffic at the same time, Moreover, the management system for use in a smart city.

      EVR Motors

EVR Motors is developing novel Light Weight Direct Drive Generators; innovative technology that will greatly improve the performance of wind, tidal, micro hydro and other types of turbines.  The Direct Drive Generators of EVR Motors have a unique and innovative design of their magnetic system that among additional benefits, maintains high efficiency at all rotation speeds at lightweight.  Installed in wind turbines, the EVR Direct Drive Generators will significantly increase turbine capacity factor, while reducing its cost.

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