New round of the capsula program


Capsula program

Congratulations to the new round of the capsula program!

Capsula is a unique partnership between the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative and the Tel Aviv University which functions as an accelerator & innovation center, connecting startups and key actors in industry and academia. Capsula places itself at the intersection these actors using key industry insights to both facilitate successful startup launches and advance academic and scientific research in the field of mobility. Startups particularly benefit from a unique “roadmap” developed under the program which guides them through the various stages of growth.


Introducing the Companies Selected for Our Capsula progrem:



Moodify, the “emphatic car system”, is developing a unique cost-effective solution based on AI and biotechnology, with innovative technologies for sensing and predicting car users’

emotional and physical condition and for providing remedies through scents and other

stimuli for improved safety and wellbeing. Micro sleep, motion sickness, aggression and additional problematic states can be detected by the Moodify system and resolved by the application of relevant remedies. Moodify is working in cooperation with academia (Weizmann Institute and TAU).



Ninety percent of world trade is carried out by sea and the value of goods in a single vessel can exceed hundreds of millions of dollars. Marine vessels are exposed to cyber attacks and remote takeovers from hostile entities such as pirates and even other countries. Cydome develops end-to-end security from the kernel level using data and network isolation. Cydome’s unique technology provides vessels with a Cybernetic Defense Dome that detects, identifies and protects them in real time, in any location on the ocean map, preventing hostile entities from achieving the ability to control, disrupt and damage their activity.




Enigmatos is the first to extract a vehicle’s unique digital profile and provide cyber protection based on these specific characteristics. Its Intrusion Detection and Prevention System is able to identify the unique signature of each message & ECU in the network by applying proprietary topology discovery and monitoring capabilities.  With 100% visibility into the vehicle’s communication network and a multilayered protection approach, Enigmatos provides early and accurate detection of the origin of each attack. It can protect existing and future vehicles and is smoothly integrated into all vehicle architectures.



Make My Day uses a unique algorithm and big data to provide the optimal route for daily errands and connects the driver with businesses. Operating under a B2B model, the company is currently in discussions with major players in the automotive industry to help drivers save time and money for a more efficient user-experience, especially in the EV area. Make My Day has created a unique solution which optimizes the EV charging process by applying different techniques and synchronizing the process with drivers’ calendars.



Using a deep-reinforcement learning framework and decision-making under uncertainty algorithms, AiGENT-TECH optimizes and manages next generation ‘electric-on-demand’ urban transportation services, such as ride-sharing, last-mile deliveries etc.

Agent-Tech’s cutting edge AI algorithms bring added value for service providers, commuters, and municipalities enabling a profitable service in highly competitive markets (using opponents’ learning algorithms), creating the right mix of ultra low-pricing and quality of service (QoS) for commuters, and allowing them to run an EV-based green-service ensuring optimal OPEX.



In the near future, 500 million vehicles globally with various ADAS/AD levels will be on the roads. These vehicles use complex systems based on various sensor technologies and algorithms. Currently, once the vehicle passes the production line, there is no available solution to test and evaluate the ADAS/AD compliance with its specified requirements and standards.

AD Knight develops systems for ensuring the safety of ADAS/AD systems by providing tools for on-demand physical tests. This solution allows holistic diagnostic of ADAS/AD systems from hardware-sensors through software and algorithm to hardware-actuation.


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