The Fuel Choices Initiative, Israel's national program for alternative fuels and means of transportation, was launched in 2011 as a joint governmental effort headed by the Prime Minister’s Office. The Initiative aims to establish Israel as a center of know-how and industry in alternative fuels and smart mobility, serving as a showcase to the world.


The world has a dependence problem; a dependence on oil. Oil usage across the board is massive and growing. As an energy source for transportation, it is almost a monopoly. This dependence has negative geopolitical and economic implications, due to the market’s domination by a small group of players.

Negative environmental impact is also a major consequence: oil used in transportation is estimated to be the source of about 25% of greenhouse gases. If the world fails to reduce its dependence on oil in transportation, it may soon face grave social, financial, and environmental crises.

Freedom to Choose the Way we Move

Today we see a unique opportunity for a revolution in transportation. A number of technological solutions already exist, with more expected in the next few years. In addition, current global processes provide an opportunity ripe for change: the growing awareness of the geopolitical strategic need to reduce reliance on oil as the sole source of energy in transportation; a desire and urgency to reduce pollution and combat global warming; and technological advances that in recent years have gained momentum and are changing our perception of transport.

These processes sow a fertile ground for progress, but without a concentrated and systemic effort, it will not be possible to continue the breakthroughs that will bring about the necessary solutions.

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