Israeli government approved the National Program for Smart Mobility

Fuel Choices

We are very proud to announce that on Sunday, the 22nd of January, the Israeli government approved the National Program for Smart Mobility. With the goal of strengthening our smart mobility ecosystem and implementing solutions in the Israeli transport system, the government has allocated a quarter of a milliard shekels for the program over the next five years. The National Program for Smart Mobility, under the supervision of the Fuel Choices Initiative, is a direct continuation of the government’s commitment to dramatically decrease reliance on oil. Accordingly, it was announced that the Fuel Choices Initiative will be renamed the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative.

The launch of the new National Program for Smart Mobility was achieved due to the joint efforts of the Prime Minister’s Office, spearheaded by the Fuel Choices Initiative, together with the Ministry of Transportation and the National Economic Council, in collaboration with global and local industry stakeholders.

Program steps include:

  • Creating an experimental site for autonomous vehicles
  • Providing access to open source data and high-resolution mapping.
  • Establishing a Smart Mobility Research Center to encourage collaboration between academia and industry.
  • Implementing pilot and demo program
  • Leading innovative policy in this sector -promote a supportive regulatory framework.
  • Increasing international collaboration
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