Israel is gearing up and changing towards alternative ways of transportation


80 electric busses are currently being operated in Israel by a number of public transportation companies. The busses were bought with the support of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection and are already in use in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Yokneam, Modiin and in the Sharon area.

According to the Governmental Resolution to implement alternative ways of transportation and the ambitious programs set forth by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, we expect about 2,000 more e-busses by 2025.

Surveys show that passengers who used e-busses tend to enjoy more the ride as it was more quiet and stable, and drivers reported the drive to be smooth.

The department of transportation and the companies involved in the projects have already begun the preparations to increase the busses charging infrastructure and overcome difficulties around different ways of charging the vehicles.

During the Smart Mobility Summit we will have an E-buses Forum in which we will discuss the opportunities and challenges in our way to electric public transportation. For more information about the event click here


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