Fuel Choices

Standards for Condensed Natural Gas in Israel

In order to adopt CNG as a transportation fuel, the whole regulatory and standardization framework was put in place. These include:

The Israeli standard for CNG fuel, no’ 6119, and includes requirements for CNG fuel in fueling stations.

The Israeli standard, ,   for maintenance and workshop in garages for vehicles fueled by CNG no’ 6293.

The Israeli standard for CNG fueling station, no’ 6236 . It includes requirements for building and operating CNG fueling station.

In addition, the National outline plan no’ 18  was fitted for CNG fueling station.

In order to import vehicle fueled by CNG to Israel or to convert an existing vehicle to be fueled by CNG one should to comply with the official requirements published by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, which can be found here.




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