Innovation Authority

Fuel Choices
The Israel Innovation Authority offers a variety of international cooperation and incentive programs operated by the International Collaboration Division desks (Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific/Africa), as well as by the desk responsible for collaborations with multinational corporations. The support for international cooperation projects is carried out through the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, bi-national funds that finance joint projects of Israeli and foreign companies, or by bilateral parallel support programs, in which each party offers financing through existing programs.

Together with its counterpart organizations abroad, the International Collaboration Division defines the objectives of the programs and the criteria specific to each incentive program, publishes calls for proposals, assists in finding partners for projects, and coordinates the evaluation of projects and their approval on both sides. Moreover, the division’s desks assist with “matching” between partners in Israel and abroad to create joint R&D projects, as well as organize meetings between Israeli and foreign companies and investors, in addition to facilitating participation in conferences, exhibitions and more.

The activities of the International Collaboration Division are relevant to other divisions of the Authority, so target audiences of other divisions can also benefit from the array of programs, tools and international connections available through this division, which acts as a bridge between economies and business cultures. The division’s activities are directed at both Israeli and foreign clients.
Target audiences:
  • Foreign clients: R&D companies, multinational corporations, foreign investors, etc.
  • Israeli clients: Israeli companies, as well as academia and research institutes that are looking for comprehensive assistance in penetrating foreign markets.
  • Foreign governments and foreign funding agencies seeking to establish cooperation agreements with the Israeli government (on whose behalf the Authority operates).
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