Capsula TAU & the Institute for innovation in transportation

Fuel Choices

[email protected] – The Center for Innovation in Transportation

The [email protected] was established in 2014 as a joint initiative of the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative and Tel Aviv University. The Center’s goal is to promote and develop ideas and groundbreaking research in the fieldof transportation, both from an academic and an entrepreneurial aspect. The Center annually awards research grants to

researchers from all universities in Israel and conducts research projects..


One of the projects was a student competition for putting in place an electric vehicle platform integrating innovative elements. Projects were conducted with a  multidisciplinary and innovative approach.


In addition, the center operates the Capsula Accelerator to encourage entrepreneurs who are in initial development stages of promising and innovative ideas in the field of transportation.


Capsula TAU & the Institute for innovation in transportation activities ended. in june 27th 2019 we celebrated 5 Years of research (video) and entrepreneurship in smart mobility.

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