Fuel Choices

Converting Garbage Trucks and busses

Together with The Ministry of Transport and road safety we supported the purchasing of CNG buses for public transport operators. With the high number of annual kilometers traveled by buses, the use of CNG buses will make a significant contribution to reducing pollutant emissions and dependence on crude oil.

Together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection we supported the purchasing CNG trucks. This step was initiated by a governmental resolutions (592 article 8 ((ג, 2592 article 20 and 2748 article 3 (ד). The total budget allocated for   the project, as to June 2017, is 13 million NIS.

With the aid of the Government, as of June 2017, “Superbus” company which operates public transportation in several places across Israel won 5 million NIS in order to purchase 25 CNG busses. The busses should be operated by the end of 2017.

Another public bus operator, “Kavim” company has won the tender for operating the public transportation in “Beitar Ilit” area. In order to operate the busses the company should build fueling infrastructure. The busses should be operated in 2019.

The first municipality to operate CNG garbage trucks is “Haifa” Municipality. The purchase of these trucks is subsidized by the government and it should be operated till the end of 2017.

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