Supporting purchase of electric buses

Fuel Choices

The Israeli government by its ministry of environmental protection, together with the JNF has allocated 25 million NIS    order to encourage purchase of electric buses. Till the end of 2017 there will be  about 65 electric buses that will be operated in different cities and by different operators. These buses will be deployed in urban areas where air quality is most important.

Moreover, in future tenders for operating public bus transportation the מציעים get scores if they include alternative fuel in their future fleet. For example in the tenders for “Beitar Illit” area and Sharon Holon area this mechanism was chosen to promote alternative fuels in public transportation.

Another way that the Israeli government will improve air quality and reduce the crude oil consumption for transportation in Israel is with the use of shuttles in the fast lane. In a governmental resolution passed in 02.04.2017 (no’ 2592 article 19) it was decided that in future fast lanes the shuttles’ propulsion will be fueled by alternative fuels.

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