International Collaboration

Horizon 2020 ( ISERD )
Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas ...
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Innovation Authority
The Israel Innovation Authority offers a variety of international cooperation and incentive programs operated by the International Collaboration Division desks (Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific/Africa), as well as by the desk responsible for collaborations with multinational corporations. The support ...
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The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation has supported US-Israel innovation partnerships for almost four decades. Since its establishment in 1977, BIRD has approved more than 900 joint US-Israel projects, leading to major innovations with a considerable impact, and ...
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