In the last few years ambitious targets, technological advances and supporting worldwide governmental support has lowered the batteries price, extended the electric vehicles” range and reduced the barriers to implement electric transportation. The advantages of electric motors are well known: better energy utilization in comparison to internal combustion engine, less noise and no pollutants at the exhaust. All those have led to increase in model availability and sales, today electrical vehicles are sold every day worldwide.

call for tenders – charging stations for EV’s
One step further toward transport elecrification in Israel! After a year of intensive work on regulation, policy and raising awareness, we have reached an additional stage towards the implementation and incentivisation of EV's in Israel. In this framework, the Ministry ...
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Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure in Israel
The purpose of this study is to provide decision-makers with guidelines for deployment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It is based on a knowledge and lessons learned from international experience, adapted to the unique attributes and needs of Israel, ...
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Hybrid Taxis
Hybrid Taxis The government of Israel subsidizes the purchase of hybrid taxis. The program is being run by The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) in cooperation with the Jewish National Fund (JNF). The budget of the program is NIS 30 million ...
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Electric Car sharing program
In order to promote and incentivize EVs and to reduce the number of car owners the Ministry of environmental protection (MoEP) together with the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative has allocated NIS 12 million to local authorities for the initiation ...
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EV Charging Infrastructure Standards
Currently there are few Israeli standards for EV charging infrastructure. First for AC charging station there is Israeli standard no' 61851, part 1, for general requirements. This standard is being revised during 2017 and to be re approved till December 2017.  Tandem with it ...
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Railway Network Electrification
A program that aims to upgrade Israel’s rail infrastructure and train fleet to electrically powered propulsion. The upgrade will reduce oil consumption by 85%, increase energy efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions, improve operations and transportation system reliability, and save on energy ...
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Subsidies for 500 EV (Electric Vehicle) taxis
The Israeli Government has passed a resolution (529 article 8 (ו) in order to issue 500 reduced rate taxi licenses ("Green Numbers") for electric taxis. Taxis due to their high annual mileage (80,000 km per year approximately) has a major impact both on the air ...
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Supporting purchase of electric buses
The Israeli government by its ministry of environmental protection, together with the JNF has allocated 25 million NIS    order to encourage purchase of electric buses. Till the end of 2017 there will be  about 65 electric buses that will be operated in different ...
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