Natural gas and natural gas based synthetic fuels in the Israeli transportation sector.
Recent findings of huge natural gas fields off the Israeli coast are turning Israel into a leading regional energy supplier. In order to fulfill the economic and energetic potential of its natural gas resources, the Israeli government is building a long term strategy and policies for increasing the use of gas in Israel.

3rd Green Taxation On March 2016, the 3rd Green Taxation Inter-ministerial Committee released comprehensive policy recommendations to promote the use of oil substitutes through: economic incentives focus on the environmental benefit emphasis on the country's energy security   The recommendations include ...
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Standards for Condensed Natural Gas in Israel In order to adopt CNG as a transportation fuel, the whole regulatory and standardization framework was put in place. These include: The Israeli standard for CNG fuel, no' 6119, and includes requirements for CNG ...
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Converting Garbage Trucks and busses Together with The Ministry of Transport and road safety we supported the purchasing of CNG buses for public transport operators. With the high number of annual kilometers traveled by buses, the use of CNG buses ...
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Safety Net
CNG Fuel Stations Safety Net The Ministry of National Infrastructure Energy and Water Resources (MOE) has published a tender to support the establishment of CNG fueling system.  In this tender the entrepreneurs get a safety net in order to lower ...
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