In its efforts to meet lower oil consumption targets for the transportation sector and change the way people perceive transportation, the Fuel Choices and smart Mobility Initiative has been working to facilitate the move to Smart mobility & alternative fuels in transportation in the local market.

Creating New Market Conditions

The Initiative is creating standards for operation and experimentation in the area of alternative fuels; advancing regulatory requirements necessary for electric vehicles and other special category vehicles; completing taxation reform for alternative fuels; supporting* different solutions for initial market penetration and producing public awareness campaigns.
Furthermore, the Initiative cooperates with municipal authorities to introduce alternative fuels and alternative modes of transport in their locales.

* Our basic assumption is that oil for transportation can be replaced by a variety of solutions, and thus, the Initiative is ready to support any and all of them. However, the solutions need to be economical: subsidies for a particular technology are only an option for initial market penetration
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