Financing Mechanisms

Innovation Authority, Ministry of Economy
The Israel Innovation Authority is participating in the national plan to reduce global dependence on the use of petroleum for transportation and to address the real need for the development of economically efficient and cleaner alternatives than oil and its ...
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The Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources
Holds different programs which encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of alternative fuels. The programs support R&D in several stages of the development process from academic research through support of pre-seed ideas, all the way to pilot ...
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The Ministry of Environment Protection
Promotes research projects and coordinates knowledge in relation to the environmental impacts and aspects of fuel alternatives for transportation.
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The Ministry of Transport
Promotes research projects for the advancement of scientific and technological innovation in the transportation sector, such as sustainable transport. In addition, it promotes tools to enrich data required for efficient and sustainable transport planning and encourages the application of innovative ...
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The Ministry of Science, Technology and Space
Established a national foundation for engineering and applied sciences in order to bridge the gap between basic research and industrial research in different fields related to energy. The Ministry is in charge of international scientific cooperation at the governmental level. ...
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